OPS for increased profitability = putting the puzzle pieces together

OPS - for increased profitability

Want to streamline your systems to minimize waste, improve your processes, increase profitability and get your team on board?

That’s what OPS does for you so you can get back to what’s important ... GROWTH and PROFITABILITY.

What we offer:

Process Improvement

Working with you, OPS will define process improvement through:

  • Documenting your processes
  • Auditing your processes
  • Training your team in process management

Performance Measurement

What gets measured gets done

  • Determine critical success factors
  • Create management dashboards
  • Implement metrics driven plans
  • Develop compliance metrics

Organizational Redesign

Our proven methodology will get your teams merged & headed towards business growth with:

  • Retention analysis
  • Reducing turnover costs
  • Career Maps
  • “Stay Interview” training

OPS for increased profitability

Photo of Karen Herdina, Founder and CEO of OPS

Karen Herdina, Founder, Philanthropist, and Advocate

Mrs. Herdina has dedicated her life to operational success. In her professional life she has gone from a 3rd-shift computer operator and senior leadership onto an executive-level consultant and now President and CEO of Operational Performance Success (OPS).

Her professional life accomplishments reveal a deep and wide skill-set as well as a history of high achievement.

But, the personal side shows an equally deep and wide skill-set and history of accomplishment for persons with developmental issues.  Karen works tirelessly to advocate on behalf of those who cannot effectively fight for themselves.

When you get a full picture of the woman behind OPS, you will find a humble, passionate, persistent, but patient, executive who is willing to put another set of eyes on the issues your leadership team is facing.  She draws from a wide set of relationships to form a collaborative team willing to step in as needed.

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